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What is a Roof Leak Diverter?

It’s a dark stormy day and all of a  sudden…drip drip drip. Water is leaking through your ceiling! What do you do?  You can call someone to repair the roof leak but that may take hours, days and  even weeks. What’s more, is determining where the leak is originating. The best  solution is to use … Continue reading

What Every Roofer Should Have

Every roofer should have a GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverter Kit in the back of the truck, it’s like money in the bank!  As a roofer, leak calls are a prominent service you offer to customers.  However, do you ever find yourself in a situation where you could not complete the job due to foul weather conditions?  … Continue reading

Is it a Roof Leak?

A proper and secure roof is one of the most important aspects of your house or building.  Not only does the roof protect you and those in it but it also protects property and equipment. If you are experiencing a roof leak it is imperative to fix and resolve the issues immediately before causing more … Continue reading

Top 5 Things to do Before the Big Storm Strikes

1. Properly secure gutters and leaders. Missing leaders or dripping gutters will cause more damage to the walls and result in more money to fix or replace damages. 2. Check for plastic bags or other debris that may cause roof drainage issues. Failure to do so will only further permit thick ice to form more … Continue reading

Make $ During Foul Weather Days

Turn a Lo$$ into A Win It’s raining, it’s snowing, don’t be the roofer snoring! As a roofing contractor you know that roof leaks cannot always be stopped. Ice, wind, and many other factors can make safe roof repairs impossible. Stop passing up new job opportunities when bad weather strikes. Say Yes! To the roof … Continue reading